Don- We received the hat you sent. Thank you so much. Didn't know if you had actually seen the piece that we wrote on our blog about your hats. Here is a link: We would love to be added to your "other links" or "customers review" section! Thanks again, The Go to Girls

Go To Girls Ft Worth, TX July 2010

I am on my 3rd white lace hat (only because I lost mine at Disneyland) and I LOVE these hats! I get the 5" brim and I enjoy how lightweight they are on my head. I haven't found any other hat that comes close. The people at this company are wonderful to work with also. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your fast response in sending me a corrected order and for the extra hat you put in. That was so generous and nice of you to do. Thank you. I also appreciate the postage credit you made and wanted you to know I mailed out the petal hats on Friday, July 20. You should receive them soon. Many thanks again.

Lisa R. Coto De Caza, CA July, 2010

20 years ago my sister-in-law gifted me with 10 of your visors. (From looking at the pictures, I do think they are the men's visors.) I have very fair freckled Irish skin and have great problems with the sun. Over the years I have re-gifted them to friends and family. I am down to four, and when I realized that, I panicked. After all, I am only 65, and who knows how many hats I will need in the future!! Checking inside my hat , I found the Walker Hat Shop tag. A short google search later and WOW!!! I have 6 new hats on the way!! Thank you!!!!!

Barbara C, Springfield, OH July, 2010

Comment: I love this hat! In addition to the wide brim visor it's a great product. Thank you Walker's for years and years of great products and service.

Mauren M Ventura, CA May, 2010

I just want to tell you how pleased I have been with my white 4" visor. I have had the visor for over 15 years. I just wash and wear. But, it was time to get a new hat or two. I checked the tag on my visor and was able to locate you on the internet. I am really glad to have connected with you.

Raima B. Forestville, CA - May, 2010

Thank you Don. My last visor lasted 6 years and I wore it an average of 5 times a week and washed it every other week ;)

Sue W. San diego, CA - May, 2010

I am a long-time wearer of your sun visor and have been most pleased with its usage. I purchased it at my dermatologist's office in Houston, TX in mid-1980's.
I am thrilled that you are still in business, as I've looked to replace the visor several times in various stores in my travels.

Thanks for your interest an kind comments! Would you mind if I used them on our "customer reviews page"? - Don

Certainly you can use my comments and add this: Since I purchased the visor in the mid-80's, I've moved to several States from Texas (Illinois, New Jersey, Oklahoma and now back to Texas). I've looked for a similar visor, as I walk outdoors for 3 or 4 miles/day, depending on the weather. I've never seen anything like it! It gives better protection than anything else I've seen.

Sondra B - The Woodlands, TX April, 2010

Don, I received my hat today - I just love it!!! This is just what I need for our caribbean cruise on Apr.28. I prefer a visor type hat because a regular hat keeps me too hot. I researched hats for the sun, and I found you - a good thing. I love the tan color will go with many things. Take care!

Marjorie G.Norristown, PA - April, 2010

Order got here! Thanks so much. My sister in CA had been wearing your hats for years, and then suddenly couldn't find them where she had always gotten them. I suggested we check online, and there you were, so I got two for me and two for her. Trying to keep cancer from my face. Mary

Mary N. - Des Moines, IA April, 2010

Today I received my two 5" brimmed visors. I've bought visors from you for about 10 years. I just love them especially since my head diameter is 34". You are the ONLY company that sells visors large enough for my head. I think you should do more advertising - I know that Rosie ODonnell has as large a head as I do and has not been able to find hats/visors large enough for her head. You are the best and have my business forever. Much thanks to you

Trish H. - Lynwood, WA March, 2010

I've had these visors for years and they wore out; they are wonderful, I am telling all my friends where to get them as they always ask me how to get one.

Thanks for the kind comment Would you mind it if I used it on our comments page on our website? (I would not use your last name)

Don: Please feel free to use my comments, your product is just wonderful and others should know that fact.

Kathleen M. - Whitehouse Station, NJ January, 2010

I got my visors today - I love them!!! One for walking, one for the pool, one for gardening - yeah!! Thank you and Happy New Year!

Jeanne A. - Portsmouth, NH January, 2010

I have worn your sun visor for about 30 years. People who haven't seen me for a long time always remember me. I love your hat, wish shops would carry them, but at least I can always order from you.

Thanks for the kind comment Would you mind it if I used it on our comments page on our website? (I would not use your last name)

Yes, whenever you can ship the hats would be great. One has totally disintegrated and the other will last awhile longer. Just measured it and YES 4" size please. You can even use my last name as people will say they don't remember my name, but remember my tennis game (lots of spin and angles) BECAUSE they remember my hat.

Diana B. - Belvedere, CA January, 2010

I just got my recent order from you and love my visor so much that I just had to get a spare! Great product and amazing customer service...I am just so glad I found you online!.

Thanks for the kind comment Would you mind it if I used it on our comments page on our website? (I would not use your last name)

I would be delighted if you would use any and all of my comments. It is really rare when you find an online business that delivers the highest quality product and outstanding customer service like I am thrilled to help you spread the word!

Marti L. - Baton Rouge, LA January, 2010

Had one of these hats for 20+years, it finally wore out. Loved it.

Thanks for the kind comment Would you mind it if I used it on our comments page on our website? (I would not use your last name)

No problem, I bought that hat in a tennis shop and the shop is no longer in business so I was really happy to find you on the web. I had to replace the white one but now I am thinking of colors!

Nancy - Huntington Beach, CA December 2009

I have visors from you that are 10+ years old and still going strong. I love them!!!

THANKS for the kind comments! Would you mind if I posted them on our "customer reviews" page?

Sure. I'm an elementary PE teacher in No.Calif. and have used your hats since the 80's. I use to buy them at the tennis club in Newport Beach. The only thing that wears out is the material at the sides. One just lost the plastic piece that stiffens the brim... the material wore out. I'm still wearing it... it's just floppy. I like them because they don't have elastic and are very easy to fit. Of course, the over the ear protection is the best part! You were way ahead of the sun protection game on that idea! I'm known for those visors. I wear them all the time. If I take it off... no one recognizes me! Claudia First name is fine to use too.

Claudia Wilde - Fairfield, CA September 2009

Hi there. i ordered 2 hats from you about 4 weeks ago. I LOVE THEM. I left one of them in Rome, so i need to order more. i love your hats and your customer service is amazing. thanks

THANKS for the kind comments! Would you mind if I posted them on our "customer reviews" page?

hi don. OF COURSE you can use my guys ROCK. i love your hats...i may get some stares when i wear the 5 incher, but then i laugh back knowing how much younger i'll be looking!!!! :) my husband is a dermatologist, and he knows how much i love these i'll make sure he refers to those that are interested! have a wonderful weekend!

Allie - September 2009

I have worn 3 of these visors and can't be without one. When I travel it is always in the outside pocket of whatever bag I am using. On a recent trip some inspector must have liked it... 'cause it disappeared. So, I am ordering another. Thank you for helping me keepe the sun off my face, and ears.

Sincerely, Grandma Alice - September, 2009

Great, thanks. My last visor lasted a long time and served me well. It's the only visor I like while I play...I look like the Flying Nun, but it's the Flying Nun with no sunburn. Thanks for the good product.

Nancy - September 09

Hi Don, My visors arrived yesterday ~~ thanks for the extra one ~~ I now have enough white visors to last me for awhile ~~ since the four white ones I have had for years are all worn out !! I've worn your visors for years and am so pleased to be able to buy the visors on line now rather than driving to Newport Beach to purchase them. Especially since the store in Fashion Island ~~ where I could find the visors went out of business a few years ago ~~ and now the Balboa Bay Tennis Club ~~ the last place I could buy them ~~ no longer has a pro shop! (As a matter of fact it is no longer called that). It is nice to order the visors directly from you. I have the visors in all colors ~~ the old red one never "bleed" ~~ Yet, I will continue to wash the new red one and see what happens. Thanks again for the free slightly irregular one ~~ can't really see the irregularity of it ~~ that was kind of you. Your visors ~~ and the one hat I have ~~ are really great! I play in a lot of tournaments and I couldn't play tennis if I did not have my visor!! It is "sorta" my trade mark!

THANKS for the kind comments! Would you mind if I posted them on our "customer reviews" page? Of course I wouldn't use your last name. And... please keep me updated to let me know if the couple of washings will "fix" the red visor. Thanks again, Don

Please post the remarks and I really don't care if you use my full name.

Lanelle Titello - San Clemente, CA September 09

I bought my visor in a tennis shop in Greenville, SC years ago...30 years, I estimate. I love it and have been so worried about what I would do when it finally wore out. I decided to just check the internet to see if I could find any. What a great surprise that you still make them. Most of the things I love end up being discontinued so I am beyond thrilled to find this visor. Thanks!!

V. Oxendine - August 09

The visors (pale yellow and pale pink) arrived today and we were very pleased. The colors are perfect and I especially appreciate the visors being shipped in a box as opposed to a soft pack. My wife already had a white 3" from years ago (don't have a clue where we got it) so we used the label and Google to find you. She'll be ordering more colors after she decides which ones she wants. The 2 3/4" brim definitely looks better on her because she is very petite. Thanks for the excellent service and products.

Bob T.- Memphis TN September 09

Comment: I have the woman's visors with the 3" bill and I LOVE IT. I've had mine for years (at least 8 years) and use it daily.(I have replaced the velcro.) I live up north in the summer and south in the winter, so it getz year round wear. A wonderful product.

Char Shecker - August 09

Your visors are the best :-) I have ordered them for myself, friends, and family.
Eileen K. - Dove Canyon, CA August 09

Thanks! May we use your comment in our reviews page? Don

You are welcome to use the comments. I have washed the visors many times and they are still like new. I had to order another black visor only because my previous one fell overboard when I was out boating. I feel a little lost without it!


I love these visors!! I have worn them for 25 years since I first found them when I lived in California. I have worn them all over the world including to Wimbledon twice. So glad I can get them on the internet. I would like to request if possible that you make mine with a little extra length in the Velcro. Maybe an extra inch. I must have a big head because I can only lap the Velcro about an inch. It has worked for me all these years so if it is not possible then they will work fine either way.

Janice M. - Reston, VA July 09

No problem, no extra charge. - Don

I love the visor and the coverage it provides. My only suggestions is that you put some kind of fabric on the inside of the velcto tabs. It is too slick agains my hair and tends to slip.

Terri - July 09

Thanks! We don't cover the Velcro with fabric (although we CAN custom make them that way for you) because of fit. For a small head one can just snip the excess Velcro without leaving an unsightly "overlap" - Don

PS-your hats really Have saved me from the South Texas sun, especially when we go sailing!.

Nan B - Corpus Christi, TX June 09

"I own many hats but Walker's 5-inch visor is my favorite. The sun protection is excellent and the hat is very versatile. It goes great with jeans or a business suit. I've worn them (I have several colors) now for years and love everything about them. I love that they're washable and last for years (and I wash them a lot due to the heavy sunscreen I use on my skin). They're very comfortable because you can fasten them as tightly or loosely as you want. I especially like the visor hats because they don't mess up my hairstyle. But what distinguishes them from every other sun hat I've tried is the ability to securely stow the visor hat on my purse when I go indoors. I just snap the velcro fastener around my purse handle and let the visor hang from my purse. When I need it again, it's right there."

Anonymous - May 09

These are great visors. I have several of them now and would recommend them to anyone. They are a great size,hold their shape well and look great!!.

JA - May 09

"I just received my visor and I love it. It feels much lighter than the petal hat. I put it on immediately and went outside to do a sun test. I had my daughter look at me from all angles and she said the sun wasn't hitting my face. Thank you so much for allowing me to return the petal hat for the visor (I put the petal hat in the mail). You should do an informational mailing to dermatologists so that they could advertise this product for you. They could post it along side of the pictures of skin cancer they always have hanging on their walls!"

Anita S. - Logan, UT May 09

"Just received your visor today; it is the best-made visor I have even owned; I'll be ordering another one soon;thank you for an outstanding product which really protects my face from the sun!"

Gloria F. - San Diego, CA April 09

"Hi, Just a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my visor! If I had known such a wonderful thing existed I would have bought one years ago. I've gotten several compliments on it and a lady wanted to buy it off my head but I said No! I live in south Florida and never leave the house without it. Cheers

Claudia K. - So. Florida March 09

"These visors are the best. I play golf and am always searching for a wide brim visor and the 4" are perfect. So lightweight and comfortable. My friends have all liked them and I will be ordering more.

Judy P. - Tucson, AZ March 09

"Thank you for such a high quality product; it is so well made and provides the sun protection I need!

Sue B. - Lexington, KY February 09

"I see here is a place to comment- Good! After many many years I am still using your product- never get old ! I just lost one and adaughter and friends take them away and forget to bring back ! I am so glad I found the way to contact you... I am living in the sunny Argentina- have problems with my skin I have to protect my face . Your product is very CONFORTABLE, is some special COTTON, well made and perfect and pretty design ! When I go inside in town.I just take off and hang on my arm ! If I leave home I take care not forget my nice sunglasses and my WALKERHAT! SALUT for you also from Buenos Aires,26/01/09 Éva K. Kemeny"

Éva Köszl Kemeny" - Buenos Aires January 09

"Just received your visor today; it is the best-made visor I have even owned; I'll be ordering another one soon;thank you for an outstanding product which really protects my face from the sun!"

Kyra N. - Novato, CA January 09

"I've worn Walker visors for years...they don't wear out! Recently, I ordered a terry cloth lined visor for my sister in No. Calif. She thinks it's great! I hope Walker's continues their quality products another forty-seven years."

Karen - San Juan Capistrano, CA January 09

"I ordered a visor and a petal hat for my mother and I who are both dedicated walkers, the visor and hat are both very comfortable-they can be worn for a long time- thery do a great job of protecting our faces from the California sun ,the customer service was excellent and I will definately return again."

Sabina - Fremont, CA

"Dear Don, Thank you for hand delivering the visors. It was nice to meet you and "put a face" with a voice on the phone. I just thought I'd pass along a comment that one of our customers put on her order: "I received it (your sun visor) as a gift and have loved them ever since. I ride horses for a living and it is the only hat that stays on, very durable and repels the hot calif. sun. I LOVE YOUR HATS" Have to give credit where it's due!"
Best wishes,

Elena - Customer Service

"The quality and workmanship of the mens hat is the best that I've seen anywhere. The hat arrived faster than I expected. This is the way all companies should operate."

Robert - Cambridge, MA

" I love these sun visors. I bought two and then thought I had lost one so ordered two more. I hike a lot and drive our motorhome. I am rarely seen without my sun visor. Love that they are washable and hold their shape. Don made the rim on mine slightly larger as I am truly a fat head. Thanks Don. I even order a pink one for my wife. She loves it too."

Leonard - Luray, VA